How To Select Crusher Wear Parts In 5 Easy Steps
How To Select Crusher Wear Parts In 5 Easy Steps

Wear Parts Materials in Properties

Standard all-around manganese level and the most common for all jaws and cone liners is 18%. Low manganese grade steel (14%) work hardens slower than higher grade but is more impact resistant. Higher levels (22%) are used in very hard and abrasive applications where significant wear resistance is needed.

Wear Mechanisms in Crushing Chamber
The main wearing mechanism in the crushing chamber is abrasive wearing. Fatigue wear is also present as wear are subjected to multiple compression or impact loads.

Wear Factors
Two of the most notable factors in the wear of crusher wear parts are abrasiveness and crushability of feed material.

Feed Material Properties
The abrasiveness of the feed material can be determined in rock laboratories using a test for abrasiveness.

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